Posted by: rlustig1952 | December 4, 2011

Wir fahren nach Berlin

I’m starting this blog to keep a record of the Zamir Chorale’s Berlin tour, which runs from Wednesday, Dec. 14 thorugh Monday, Dec. 19. The choir was invited to participate in a music festival dedicated to the 19th-century German-Jewish composer Louis Lewandowski, who along with Solomon Sulzer and others helped reshape Jewish religious services by composing works for cantor and choir that fit into the musical forms of the day. We are the only choir attending from the U.S., but there will also be choirs from Canada, the UK, France, South Africa, and of course Germany.

I’ve sung with Zamir for about 12 years. I kept a blog of our last international tour to Italy in 2003, so it seemed natural to do the same this time around. As before, the opinions expressed in this blog and are in no way connected with the Chorale.

I’m still feeling my way around setting up the blog, so apologies if things appear a little scatter-brained for a while.

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