Posted by: rlustig1952 | December 7, 2011


Well, I figured out how to set up a links section and clean up the sidebar a bit, so over time I’ll add links that are relevant or interesting or both. I also thought I’d provide some Youtube links where you can listen to examples of Lewandowski’s music. Here are some for starters:

Zamir Chorale singing Halleluyoh (btw that’s me on the extreme right in the first row at the beginning)

University of Illinois Concert Choir singing Mah Tovu

University of Illinois Concert Choir singing Enosh

What struck me as I wandered around looking for examples is that Lewandowski’s music is presented as performance pieces, but that’s not how they were conceived. The synagogue music he wrote was, well, meant to be sung in the synagogue as part of a service. So the experience of both the performer and the listener is bound to be different. I know this because for the past few years I’ve co-directed an ensemble that uses the music of the 17th-century Italian Jewish composer Salamone Rossi Hebreo (the first known composer of choral music for the synagogue) in the liturgical context for which it was intended (as part of an Italian rite service), and it certainly is a different experience when the focus is on the service itself.

One of the choirs that is performing at the festival is the Synagogal Ensemble Berlin, and they have continued the tradition of performing Lewandowski’s music as part of regular religious services at the Pestalozzistrasse Synagogue. It would be interesting to attend one of their services while we’re there.


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